Thursday, September 20, 2018

7 Ways to use your home equity for retirement income

7 Ways to use your home equity for retirement income

A reverse is good if you wait long enough but keep in mind that it only applies to certain types of homes.  Check into this early to help your planning.

HSA Benefits for Retirement

HSA Benefits for Retirement

3 Reasons to Retire as early as you can

3 Reasons to Retire as early as you can

I'll add one more.  You never know how long you have and if you take this idea seriously then consider what you always wanted to do and do it now rather than wait for some distant chance to finally get to it.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

The Brevity of Life


This is an excellent motivator for getting to it.  Whatever you thought you wanted to do in life now is the time to actually start.   Time is short for all of us.

Miracle of the Mundane

Miracle of tuning out

She is right to the extent that if you get nothing but time filling activity in your online adventures then of course you might as well be sitting at a bar sucking down suds.

Use the web, the Internet, and online connections to make life easier not more complicated.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Misconceptions about Health Care in Retirement

8 of them

The main thing that can help you get through it is to have an employer sponsored Health insurance that will cover you in retirement.  The best one I've seen is Tri-care for Life that comes with military retirements.  Anything similar that comes from your job or if you are self employed that you can arrange is an ideal way to insure that you won't be left broken by medical expenses.

Why Early Retirement or Why Not

Financial Advisors Weight In

Semi-retirement is the answer for most of us since it gives you a reason to stay involved and can make a financial contribution to making your fears of money running out less of a concern.  It also can give you the ability to choose a a Vocation that aligns with your true desires.